Pet Fur/Hair & Lint Remover Brush 151407 selffix.io
Pet Fur/Hair & Lint Remover Brush 151407 selffix.io
Pet Fur/Hair & Lint Remover Brush 151407 selffix.io
Pet Fur/Hair & Lint Remover Brush 151407 selffix.io

Pet Fur/Hair & Lint Remover Brush

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Amazing Brush

How This Brush Saved Me Time And Money

Just WOW! I have three pets and if you own any pets, this brush will save you a lot of trouble. Even if you don't. Everybody's house collects dust and lint. Before I had this brush I used to use vacuum cleaners and lint rollers every week. Trying to remove all the fur and lint from my couch and bed. I even think I broke my back a couple of times. You know what I mean. But now! I'm so relieved. This Brush has saved me so much time and money. Couple swipes on my furniture or clothes and all the fur and lint are gone. Guess what? It's Reusable I don't have to waste so many lint tapes ever again.No need to make a big mess. Saving time and money.

Thousands Of Microbristles

Yes! Each side contains thousands of Microbristles. They will remove all the lint, fur and hair in seconds like a magnet. Works like magic. And You don't need to waste lint tapes after lint tapes like a standard lint roller. Just dip it in the self-cleaning base and you're good to go.


Travel Kit Included 

Travel kit to keep in your bag or car. The compact size has all the same features of the standard-sized magical brush. Just pop up the top and use the base as a handle. Dispose of the fur through the small, removable collection tray at the bottom of the base.

How to use it?

Easy as 1 2 3. Just swipe it on the desired surface.When you are done just dip it in the self-cleaning base. Next, when you are finished with your cleaning remove the base clip to empty. It's that simple.

Reusable and Eco-Friendly

It is a life saver. No refills needed like the traditional lint rollers. It is completely reusable and you don't have to waste all those lint tapes. It is super Eco-Friendly.

Why You Should Own One

 Time and money. Stop wasting your time doing something you can do in seconds. Your time is a lot more valuable. And your money too. Why spend money on lint rollers after lint rollers. When this magical brush will last you a lifetime.No refills needed and reusable. Plus , You will also help the environment big time.

Lasting Value

Don't worry. Not only, that you will get the benefits the second you use it. This magical brush will last you years. Use after use. Since you don't need to refill it. After each use, you just slide it in the self-cleaning base. Goes in dirt comes out clean.

What If The Product Doesn't Work For You

We want you to be 100% satisfied. But if you don't find the product useful or you regretted your choice. Wich, most likely it will not happen. Still, if by any reason you don't like the product. You will have 30 days after receiving the product to decide if you want to keep it or not. If not contact our support team and we will refund you the original price after you return the product.If you find the product useful. Wich, we guarantee that you will. Congratulations you just saved yourself a lot of time and money.

Get Yours Today!

An essential item. Time is the most valuable thing in life. Stop wasting it doing something you can do in seconds. Our magical brush needs no refills, it is reusable and eco-friendly. Get yours today with worldwide free shipping! 

How Long Will Your Order Arrive?
Your order is sent from our worldwide fulfillment center. It takes  12-20 business days to arrive. Please allow 24-48 hours to process your order. Any questions contact our customer support. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.


Size of the brush: 31.2 x 5.8cm

Size of the self-cleaning base :21.8 x 7.6 x 5cm

Size of the travel kit: 15 x 6 x 2.8cm


Material: ABS 

Colors: Red, Grey, Light Blue, Dark Blue , Orange 

Package Includes :

1 x Magical Brush

1 x Self-Cleaning Base

1 x Travel Size Lint Brush And Self-Cleaning Base


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